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Refined Silver Inc's History

In 2005, I was tasked to start a Recovery Ministry at Henderson Hills Baptist Church and the Ministries of Jesus.  While the church saw the need to help those with afflictions find Christ, Christ turned a great idea into a mission.  My first week I drove with a colleague, Jim Riley, to the residential treatment centers and sober livings in the State of Oklahoma.  We went from Maud, OK to Ponca City, OK, making a stop in Cushing, OK.   Not knowing what to do with this information, I begun the task of building a Celebrate Recovery at the church.


As time went on, it was obvious that the need was great.  The opioid epidemic was in full force.  At one point, referrals to one particular treatment center, located in Prescott, AZ, from our community, literally “bottlenecked” their system.  If memory serves me, we had helped eighteen (18) persons find their way to that center.  Many people were going to treatment, but that didn’t cover all the needs that were being presented to the ministry.  The families that received treatment at that time were very grateful for the service provided by the Ministries of Jesus, and wanted to pay for the service.  We began the “scholarship account”, whereby we would help those who could not afford treatment, travel to treatment, medications while in treatment, sober living upon return from treatment and counseling.  


In 2018, Vicky and I prayed that we could be of service to our local community and state to those in need of care, but could not afford it.  The need is great for those dealing with substance use disorder, mental health issues and other addictions.  God knows, the demand for services had not diminished, and the costs were escalating for quality care.  So she and I founded Refined Silver, LLC.  The model was to have an all “volunteer” board and a web-based presence, without having paid employees or office space.  This would provide 100% of the funds raised to go to the clients.  The only string attached is that “all have skin in the game”; the vendor (treatment center, counselors and sober living facilities), the client and Refined Silver.  Our ultimate goal would be that there is not a need for this type of service, but as long as there is a need for care, we want to serve our people well.  With Christ as our example, we want to love those who are struggling and help them get the very best services, taking into consideration what they “can and cannot” afford.


Our thanks go to those who have donated resources of time, talents and treasures to this organization.  Each year there are demands we can’t meet and each year our volunteers raise money, often out of their own pockets, to see the needs met for this people group.  Much prayer goes into each and every application, so each applicate get’s much more than the “fees for services”, but a person dedicated to pray as they receive the help they need. 


To God be all the Glory!

Chuck and Vicky Robinson, Co-founders of Refined Silver, LLC


My recovery must come first so that everything I love in life does not have to come last.


What do your generous donations go towards?

  • $75 will help pay for a counseling session
  • $250 will help someone enter sober living
  • $450 can pay for six counseling sessions



Help those in Oklahoma City that are suffering from addiction & mental health issues with sober living and counseling through scholarships.

Your generous donations are what keeps Refined Silver Inc. going.

Refined SilverSharing Life Changing Resources with those struggling from Afflictions to recover a Future and a Hope.

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